We get you.

Amidst the chaos in kitchens, it’s all about consistency, clear communication, and having everything in its right place. That’s why we, a team of seasoned chefs, created opsi. We’ve lived your challenges and understand the urgency of having an organized, efficient kitchen.

Opsi simplifies the complex dance of recipe management, food prep, food costing, nutrition, inventory and team coordination. It’s a lifeline in the whirlwind of a busy kitchen, eliminating guesswork and aligning everyone, whether a seasoned vet or a new recruit.

Built by leading chefs, for all chefs, opsi is your partner in delivering consistently delicious food. It’s the support you need to excel, fostering trust and transparency within your team. Because we know, when you support your team, they support you.

James Passafaro

Chef & Co-founder

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