opsi: Restaurant Software for the Back of House

Restaurant kitchens are dynamic, fast-paced environments where priorities change with every passing minute. Before service begins, chefs spend hours preparing their kitchens and teams for success, and the work of keeping a kitchen efficient and organized does not stop when the last guests leave. Every service presents familiar and new challenges for a chef to juggle, so it’s key to control whatever variables you can. 

In recent decades, Front of House teams have seen their workflows optimized by technology: POS systems like Toast streamline server interactions with the Back of House, and online reservations systems such as OpenTable and Tock have revolutionized how hosts interact with guests. In the Back of House, a different story is being told. From order guides hanging on walls with a pencil dangling from a string to binders full of recipes, these systems have worked for the Back of House for a long time, but as the digital age has transformed how the Front of House works, so too are digital solutions becoming available for the Back of House. 

Enter: opsi

Opsi is a new workflow app for the Back of House designed by industry professionals to increase efficiency and decrease the chaos and clutter of an analog system. Unlike a POS system, opsi doesn’t require a computer to be installed around every corner. It can be easily integrated into any kitchen using the technology you and your team already have. With the opsi app, you can organize all your important documents and make them instantly accessible for the whole team. By providing a tool that gives your team consistent access to recipes, check lists, prep tasks, and more opsi seeks to boost culinary operations by empowering you and your team.

Digitizing Recipes

Opsi’s digital recipe book provides a space for you to see your recipes through every stage. Whether it’s a new idea you thought of last night, a dish that’s undergoing R&D, or a restaurant classic that’s been on the menu for years, you can create, organize, and protect your recipes. Plus, you can and access them from any device whenever and wherever you need them. Storing your recipes digitally means that you can catalog variations, make edits, and scale entire recipes with ease. Plus, any changes can be communicated to your team—instantly. But a digital recipe book is just the beginning. Opsi’s “true costing” feature can save you time by quickly costing out recipes for accurate daily food production expenditure. 

Easy Onboarding

Training a new employee and getting them up to speed is a crucial step to integrating them with your existing team, but it can also be a time consuming process. Opsi can help streamline this task by providing new cooks with instant access to recipes prep tasks on their mobile device. With all the information they need at their fingertips, you can spend more time helping your new team member become a capable and efficient cook. 

Empowering Your Team

At opsi, we know that your most valuable asset is your team. As an app designed by experienced culinary professionals and tested in real kitchens, opsi seeks to empower the Back of House, streamline tasks, and increase consistency across the board. One of the most important tools in any kitchen is communication, but no chef can be everywhere at once. Opsi provides the means to create digital check lists that your team can update in real time, allowing you to spend more time where you’re most needed. Opsi also has a centralized communication channel. With this feature, you can be heard anywhere in the kitchen and hear back from your team in real time. This way, you can spend your time running your kitchen and less time running around it. 

Hungry for More?

If you’d like to learn more about how opsi can optimize your organization, enhance communication between you and your team, and boost consistency in your kitchen, schedule a demo of the software to discover how it can work for you. Or, if you’re ready to get started, sign up on our website and download the app today, available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Front of House teams have been reaping the benefits of restaurant software for decades, but opsi wants to change that. Join opsi today and bring your kitchen into the digital age.