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General questions:

Opsi is a workflow app for restaurant operations, providing recipe management, food costing, food prep and task list management, inventory, nutrition and communication tools.

Opsi is cloud-based, and can be accessed from any browser enabled device including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

We also have apps available in the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

Chefs, culinary professionals, kitchen teams, back of house, front of house, restaurant owners, managers, you name it! Whether you’re a large multi-unit operation or a small single-unit operation, opsi can work for you.

Opsi is best-in-class at keeping all of your recipes organized, costed, secure, and easily accessible. Leverage our food prep lists and operational task lists to maximize workflow efficiencies. Take and manage inventory with ease. Create and print nutrition labels. Chat with your teammates in a centralized location.

Opsi is also perfect for training new team members by giving immediate access to critical workflow information, like prep steps and tasks. Users reported up to an 80% reduction in time devoted to training new cooks.

Cost savings and peace of mind!

Restaurants save up to $40,000 in annual cost of goods through recipe costing on opsi. Save an additional $17,000 / year per location on efficiency and training practices.

As an owner/operator, opsi brings both your managers and team members together into one app to centralize key assets, task management, and communication.

Getting started:

Opsi has competitive pricing and is based on your operational needs. Please see our pricing chart here.

It all depends on how large your operation is, and how swiftly you are able to input recipes and task lists into the system. We also offer the option to import this data for you (contact sales for more details)!

We’ve seen teams get started in as little as 24 hours, but it can take up to a week or two.

To get your operation started on opsi with a free trial, please use the registration link here.

Alternatively, you can contact sales and setup a free demo. Once you get in touch we can begin the onboarding process.


We are here to answer any of your questions at [email protected], or you can setup a free demo!

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