A simple and intuitive inventory tool

Provide your back of house team an inventory tool from the same platform powering your recipes, tasks and communication.


Create custom inventory guides for sheet to shelf counting

Build out your own inventory guide based on categories, storage areas or shelf to sheet. Take inventory on products, ingredients and recipes!


Count from any device

Use your mobile device, tablet, computer or any browser enabled device to take your inventory counts. Yes, you can still print your sheets if you prefer!


Count your inventory items in different units

Need to count in pints instead of bottles? Or ounces instead of pounds? No problem, we’ve got you covered!


Receive reminders on days to take inventory

Setup financial reporting periods to receive reminders for when you need to take inventory.


Export category level variance reports

Review and analyze your inventory period summary reports, and share with your accounting team.


Snap a photo of your invoices to update product pricing

We’ve partnered and integrated with leading invoice processing solutions to keep your product pricing up-to-date on opsi, including your accounting tools.

“A workflow tool like opsi is the surest way to ensure operational consistency through any challenges. We would never open or operated a business without one.”

Gary LaMorte

Founder – Honest Hospitality

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