Build nutrition labels from your recipes

Transform your recipes into precise nutrition labels with ease. Tap into the rich USDA database to pull accurate nutrient and caloric information based on your ingredients.


Select which details to display on your label

Our flexible platform allows the option of displaying various information on your label including ingredients, allergens, vitamins, and more!


Knowledge for your team

Train your team on proper nutritional values for better menu expertise and food safety, enhancing their ability to meet health standards and provide nutritional information confidently to customers.


Easily print your labels directly from your device

Streamline your workflow by generating and exporting your nutrition labels straight from opsi, prepared for immediate printing.


Consult with nutrition experts

To verify accuracy and compliance of your labels, we can help connect you with nutrition professionals.

“A workflow tool like opsi is the surest way to ensure operational consistency through any challenges. We would never open or operated a business without one.”

Gary LaMorte

Founder – Honest Hospitality

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