Your recipes deserve a good home

A powerful recipe manager to keep your team organized, save time, cut costs and consistently deliver delicious food.


Take control of your recipes and ingredients

Never question whether your team has accurate recipe information by keeping them all in one place, accessible from any device.


Cut down time on building training materials

Help develop skill-sets faster and bridge the gap with training tools helping your team feel more impactful and successful in their positions.


Cost down to the penny

Real-time recipe costs for accurate daily food production expenditure. Read more about opsi food costing here.


Scale accurately, no more mental math

Make what you need, not more than you need. Scale based on batch sizes, individual ingredients or desired yield.


Educate the whole house

Share menu and recipe knowledge to both FOH & BOH teams to better serve a consistent experience.


Integrate with your favorite invoicing platforms

Pull product information from your vendor EDI systems. Integrate with your inventory and invoicing partners.

“A workflow tool like opsi is the surest way to ensure operational consistency through any challenges. We would never open or operated a business without one.”

Gary LaMorte

Founder – Honest Hospitality

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