A better way to keep your restaurant team on task

Task lists designed for the entire restaurant team, streamlining both kitchen prep and service for peak efficiency.


From chaos to clarity

Use food-specific prep lists and operational checklists to maximize workflow efficiencies. Leverage task lists that provide important details, reduce errors & waste, increase productivity, and deliver high-quality dishes consistently.


Focus on what matters

To optimize task management, assign task roles based on user needs. Ensuring users only see relevant tasks reduces clutter, streamlines workflow, improves communication, and enhances productivity.


Team up and get more done

Cloud-based task management supports transparency, promotes accountability, identifies bottlenecks, and keeps your team connected.


Effortless oversight

Gain a level of visibility that not only promotes accountability and transparency, but also allows managers to more effectively allocate resources, adjust priorities, and make informed decisions.

“A workflow tool like opsi is the surest way to ensure operational consistency through any challenges. We would never open or operated a business without one.”

Gary LaMorte

Founder – Honest Hospitality

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