Opsi and Plate IQ Partner to Continue Innovating Restaurant Operations & Accounts Payable

opsi and plate iq integration

Restaurants are rife with paperwork – think menus, recipe cards, invoices and lists. Opsi allows restaurant teams, both front and back of house, to benefit from a singular source of truth within its application. And, Plate IQ lets restaurants organize invoices by line item and pay vendors from one application, whether they have paper invoices, emails, or screenshots. This integration and partnership will allow restaurants to get back to the work they were made for.

What is opsi?

Opsi is a workflow app for chefs used by restaurant professionals across the nation to boost consistency, efficiency, and organization in culinary operations. The platform has been embraced by chefs and restaurant operators as a valuable tool for streamlining their day-to-day operations for recipe management, food costing, task lists and communication.

What is Plate IQ?

plate iq

Plate IQ helps businesses and partners automate accounts payable on their terms with leading AI and machine learning. They simplify everything from invoice and spend management to payments for both recurring and one-time expenses with a cloud-first approach that enables remote work.

The opsi x Plate IQ Integration

This partnership allows opsi and Plate IQ’s offerings to integrate, creating a seamless solution for mutual clients. 

  • Plate IQ’s invoice, payment, and audit information syncs effortlessly with opsi’s tech-stack. 
  • Opsi will leverage Plate IQ’s machine learning and AP automation to enable restaurant owners to optimize their accounts payable process. 
  • And, Plate IQ has the opportunity to introduce its existing clientele to a feature-set designed specifically by chefs, for chefs, to optimize the way restaurants operate.

Integration Benefits for opsi Users

  • Receive updated ingredient costs every time you scan an invoice. With this automation, you can ensure recipe costs and food cost percentages on opsi are always up-to-date.
  • Analytics on historical price fluctuations for your products and ingredients.
  • Leverage best-in-class invoice processing and AP tools.
  • Upload invoices to Plate IQ directly from the opsi app.

Get Started

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