Case studies

Optimizing Culinary Management: Bricktown Brewery’s Success with opsi

Bricktown Brewery’s journey with opsi began as an initiative to effectively manage its extensive recipe database, including vital aspects like food presentation pictures, prep instructions, shelf life, daily checklists, and allergen information. Before opsi, the team struggled with a tablet-based system lacking in functionality, and relied on Excel spreadsheets for prep lists.

Sushi | Bar Hospitality Ditches Spreadsheets for opsi

In a world where efficiency can make or break a restaurant operation, the story of Sushi | Bar Hospitality and opsi stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology. They’ve turned the challenging task of recipe management into a streamlined, easy-to-handle process that enhances not only the efficiency but also the consistency of their culinary creations.

opsi in Action: FoodThinque and XENiA

Food industry professional Dimitri Tishlias finds freedom through opsi Dimitri Tishlias knows the food industry inside and out.  As the owner and operator of XENiA, a Mediterranean ghost kitchen in Los Angeles, he launched a successful business during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to oversee its growth. As a managing partner of the consulting firm […]

How Spoon and Stable Increased Kitchen Efficiency with opsi

Nine years after its opening, Spoon and Stable remains one of the most popular and celebrated restaurants in Minneapolis. They have been honored with James Beard award nominations, survived the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mourned the loss of their sister restaurant Bellecour in 2020, and celebrated the opening of Bellecour Bakery within the same […]