Nine years after its opening, Spoon and Stable remains one of the most popular and celebrated restaurants in Minneapolis. They have been honored with James Beard award nominations, survived the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mourned the loss of their sister restaurant Bellecour in 2020, and celebrated the opening of Bellecour Bakery within the same year. 

In an industry that is notoriously ruled by uncertainty, one thing that gave Spoon and Stable an edge was their decision to integrate opsi, a workflow app for restaurants, into their operations. 

About Spoon and Stable: A New Level of Hospitality

Award-winning chef Gavin Kaysen brought his brand of locally-inspired fine dining to Minneapolis in 2014 when he opened Spoon and Stable. Following the success of his first restaurant, Kaysen opened more restaurants and cafes under his Soigne Hospitality Group including Demi and Bellecour Bakery. 

Spoon and Stable is dedicated to making guests feel at home with meaningful hospitality experiences. The team is always looking for new and better ways to boost their operations without sacrificing service. Opsi has met that need by bringing the advancements of restaurant technology to Spoon and Stable’s kitchen. 

Company Snapshot

Industry: Hospitality and Upscale Casual Dining

Company Size: 51–200 Employees

Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Use Case: Decrease Time Spent Onboarding/Training, Decrease Prep Time

The Power of Technology

Compared to other industries, restaurants have fallen behind on applying the opportunities that technology presents. The back of house in particular has seen less advancement than teams in the front of house, in part because kitchens have fewer tools available to them. Those that are available are newer and less proven than front of house solutions like the point-of-sale system. 

Spoon and Stable, however, has never been afraid to break new ground. 

Before opsi, Spoon and Stable was primarily using Google Drive to manage recipes, tasks, and prep sheets. Though this digital system was an improvement to old-fashioned pen and paper, they found the system lacked organization with so many people making changes to documents, and it was hard to search when multiple recipes and prep sheets were contained within the same document. 

“Having opsi in our kitchen has made management so much more efficient for my leadership team”

Christopher Nye

Executive Chef,

Soigne Hospitality

Opsi was co-founded by Chef James Passafaro to provide technology solutions specific to restaurants. Chris Nye, Executive Chef at Soigne Hospitality, saw an opportunity in Passafaro’s desire for technological innovation in kitchens and was an early adopter of opsi. 

Nye has been working at Spoon and Stable since the restaurant opened in 2014. He has been using opsi since 2019 to boost operations with Spoon and Stable’s back of house team. “Having opsi in our kitchen has made management so much more efficient for my leadership team,” says Nye. 

opsi in Action

Spoon and Stable has found immense benefit by using opsi’s digital prep lists and recipe documentation. 

With opsi’s prep lists, the management team was able to track task progression in real-time. The digital recipe book provided accurate recipe costing as well as allowed for quick and easy recipe ideation. 

Onboarding and Training

20% reduction in time spent onboarding new hires

Compared with systems relying on pen and paper, Spoon and Stable has seen the time spent onboarding and training new hires reduced by 20% with opsi. 

One trend Spoon and Stable has seen in the past few years is hiring younger cooks in their kitchen. Opsi plays to the strengths of this younger, more technologically proficient generation, allowing them to grow in confidence quickly with the knowledge that everything they need at their fingertips. 

With opsi, Chef Nye has been able to provide new team members instant access to important documents. 

Prep Time

40% reduction of prep time

With opsi, prep time has been reduced by 40% (compared with pen and paper). 

Spoon and Stable found that they could organize all of their recipes in a streamlined system with opsi. All ingredients were easily scalable, and opsi makes unit conversion simple. 

Likewise, by allowing management to control which team members have access to specific documents, opsi made it easy for every member of the team to find what they’re looking for. 

Efficiency and Accessibility

Spoon and Stable has seen the benefit of opsi in increased efficiency and accessibility for its team, and Chef Nye has found more freedom in his role since making the switch. 

Since its integration at Spoon and Stable in 2019, opsi has been implemented across the Soigne Hospitality Group in the back of house with Chef Nye looking forward to seeing expansion into the front of house as well. 

Nye says that opsi “has improved staff accountability and given everyone instant access to the information they need to succeed, all in the palm of their hand. I’m done with paper!”

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