Food industry professional Dimitri Tishlias finds freedom through opsi

Dimitri Tishlias knows the food industry inside and out. 

As the owner and operator of XENiA, a Mediterranean ghost kitchen in Los Angeles, he launched a successful business during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to oversee its growth. As a managing partner of the consulting firm FoodThinque, he helps hospitality businesses reach their full potential. 

Tishlias’ experience in the food industry runs deep. Before honing his expertise on the business side of the industry, he got his start as a chef working internationally in New York, Paris, London, and San Francisco. 

Tishlias knows what consumers want, and he knows the realities of the kitchens and companies working to reach those consumers. 

As he manages his time between XENiA’s ghost kitchens and FoodThinque’s clients, Tishlias needed a platform to streamline operations and free up his time.

Enter opsi

“I now have the confidence to oversee multiple concepts in different cities without feeling detached from day-to-day operations,” Tishlias says. “It’s been an absolute game-changer for our business.”

About XENiA

XENiA is a Mediterranean kitchen located in Los Angeles focused on delivering high-quality meals for delivery, pick-up, and catering. By focusing its energy on building reliable and flexible ghost kitchens, XENiA was able to open during the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to changes in the market with speed and precision. XENiA began as a pop-up restaurant and now has locations in Culver City and Long Beach.

Company Snapshot

Industry: Hospitality and Virtual QSR

Company Size: 10-15 Employees

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Use Case: Decrease Time Spent Onboarding/Training, Decrease Prep Time

XENiA: The Challenges of Running Restaurants in Multiple Locations

One of the challenges of operating ghost kitchens across multiple locations is managing the many small but essential tasks that have to be done every day. 

You can’t be in two places at once. With opsi, Tishlias discovered that he doesn’t have to try. 

“The use of opsi…has greatly improved our time management by providing continuity and easy access to information,” Tishlias says. “This means we no longer waste time finding or clarifying simple tasks spread across multiple locations.”

Before opsi, Tishlias was using Google Sheets and reciProfity to manage inventory and recipe costing at XENiA. With opsi, he found that he could do all this and more. 

Tishlias uses opsi for execution and costing, but one of the main areas that he’s seen time management improve has been training. 

30% reduction in time spent onboarding new hires

Compared with previous methods involving pen and paper, Tishlias has found the time it takes to onboard and train new hires reduced by 30%.

Tishlias has found significantly more freedom in his role as the owner and operator of XENiA since using opsi, saying the overall experience has been “Incredibly positive.” 

“Using opsi has truly transformed how we train our team, allowing us to easily refine and improve our processes in real-time”

Dimitri Tishlias

Owner Operator @ XENiA

Managing Partner @ FoodThinque

About FoodThinque

FoodThinque is a consulting firm that connects brands to consumers. They work with their clients to develop business and market strategies, create recipe and menu concepts, and design operations that are both efficient and profitable. FoodThinque was founded in 2021 and already has an impressive list of clients including Starbucks, Marriott Hotels, and the Culinary Institute of America.

Company Snapshot

Industry: Hospitality Consulting

Company Size: 5-10 Employees

Location: USA

Use Case: Provide hospitality teams with tools to be more efficient and successful

FoodThinque: opsi for all

Tishlias has been using opsi for two years. After seeing firsthand how much time his management team at XENiA saves, he confidently recommends it to others in his role at FoodThinque. 

For new concepts, Tishlias recommends opsi as part of the restaurant’s technology suite. Because opsi provides recipe management, task and food prep management, and recipe costing all within a single tool, it offers an incredible benefit to restaurants that are just getting started. 

Tishlias also recommends implementing opsi at existing concepts to help boost operations. With opsi, these concepts can streamline their operations and keep everything in the same place. 

Tishlias says, “The platform’s impressive range of capabilities, from recipe documentation to prep pars and video training, all in one intuitive interface, sets opsi apart.” 

Find More Freedom with opsi Today

Opsi brings together the tools and knowledge to take your operations to the next level of time management. 

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