In the chaotic environment of restaurant kitchens, efficiency and precision are paramount. Bricktown Brewery, under the guidance of its President, Matt Thomas, recognized this and embraced opsi, a restaurant technology platform built specifically for culinary professionals. The results, over six months of use, have been transformative.

Company Snapshot

Industry: Hospitality

Company Size: 21 Locations

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Use Case: Organize Recipes, Decrease Time Spent Onboarding/Training, Decrease Prep Time

Bolstering Recipe Management

Bricktown Brewery’s journey with opsi began as an initiative to effectively manage its extensive recipe database, including vital aspects like food presentation pictures, prep instructions, shelf life, daily checklists, and allergen information. Before opsi, the team struggled with a tablet-based system lacking in functionality, and relied on Excel spreadsheets for prep lists. This approach had its limitations, particularly in the agility needed to update recipes or pictures, which was dependent on a third-party vendor.

A Multifaceted Tool for Dynamic Operations

With opsi, Bricktown Brewery found a versatile ally. “Not really a fair question,” Matt says when asked about the most relied-upon function of opsi. He highlights the recipe scale function for prep as critical, indicating how various aspects of opsi have become integral to their operations. The platform’s multi-functionality has allowed the team to seamlessly handle diverse tasks, a previously unattainable level of convenience and efficiency.

Time Management and Efficiency Gains

One of the most significant impacts of opsi has been on time management. The platform has drastically reduced the time it takes to write, edit, and publish recipes. “It saves our Culinary Manager significant time since he does not have to rely on the third-party vendor we previously used,” Matt notes. Echoing this sentiment, Alejandro Pimentel, the Culinary Manager at Bricktown Brewery, adds, “I wish we would have found this program sooner!” This efficiency gain is not just limited to recipe management; it extends to the overall operational workflow.

Enhanced Training and Prep Processes

65% reduction in time spent onboarding new hires

When it comes to onboarding new hires and training, opsi has cut down the time by about 65% compared to previous methods.

A 50% reduction has also been achieved in prep time, streamlining operations and allowing staff to focus more on culinary creativity and less on administrative tasks.

Freedom, Accuracy, and Positive Team Response

The increased efficiency and accuracy brought by opsi have given Matt and his team more freedom in their roles. The response from team members has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a boost in morale and productivity. While Bricktown Brewery hasn’t specifically tracked employee retention since implementing opsi, the positive response is a strong indicator of its beneficial impact.

Unique Product in a Competitive Market

In a market where similar products exist, opsi stands out for Bricktown Brewery. Matt acknowledges the lack of any other product with opsi’s specific functionality designed for restaurant operations. He appreciates opsi’s commitment to expanding functionality and responsiveness to feedback, along with an efficient onboarding process.

Excellent Customer Service and Easy Implementation

Matt’s overall experience with opsi has been excellent, a sentiment that encapsulates the beneficial impacts noted. “Very happy I made the decision to use opsi. Easy to implement and begin using quickly. My staff loves the system. Opsi customer service is the best!” he exclaims. This statement underscores not only the platform’s user-friendliness but also the high level of support provided by the opsi team.

Conclusion: A Recipe for Success

The journey of Bricktown Brewery with opsi is a testament to how the right technological tool can transform restaurant operations. From streamlining recipe management to enhancing overall efficiency, opsi has played a key role in transforming Bricktown Brewery’s operations. The case of Bricktown Brewery and opsi is a shining example for the culinary industry, illustrating the profound impact of embracing innovative technology to drive business success.

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